With BigSexyReds, I blend my wine and spirits expertise with 30 years of writing, editing and ghostwriting experience. It’s a mellow blend.

If you need advice on wines to serve your finicky family or hot new neighbor – or you’re beginning a wine collection, or expanding it – I can help you make the best choices. Wine is my passion, and wine consulting is my specialty. We’ll pair your tastes with your budget and lifestyle. I’m inspired, and I want you to be informed (and fill your cupboard with great wines)!

I haven’t left my writing behind, especially the ghostwriting and editing. If you have a book in you (wine-related or not) but writing hurts you more than a Strawberry Hill hangover, then you might want to get in touch. 

I’m also available for wine and spirits tastings, wine dinners, office parties and other events. (So, the book club’s reading a historical British novel? Maybe you can pour some Sherry from Lord Grantham’s cupboard…)

If you are a winemaker or distributor, I’m happy to review your wine, spirits, and drink-related gadgets and products on the BigSexyReds blog. You will never be charged for a review of your products – but I cannot return the stash. Nor can I make promises as to the content of my reviews. I do, however, donate many such products to charity fundraisers once they’ve been reviewed.

The price of your beverage or product will not affect the review. I’ve drank $50 Bordeaux that made me wince, and $4.99 Primitivo that was silky-sublime.

For now, I have no plans to publish ads on However, if you have a wine, spirits or beer event to promote, contact me at It’s possible I can promote it here for a fee – which I suppose is the same thing as an ad, but the approach is a bit different; the wording would be mine.




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